Weed Pass Scrapped With Immediate Effect!

Hash & Marijuana. No Pass, No Card! Welcome! (18+)Dutch Justice minister Ivo Opstelten announced that the controversial 'weed pass' is to be scrapped with immediate effect.

In a letter to parliament he also said it would be up to municipalities to determine and enforce the regulations governing coffeeshops in their area.

The controversial 'weed pass' was introduced in the south of the Netherlands last May. It was initially designed to stop 'drug tourists' from Germany, Belgium and France from crossing the Dutch border to buy cannabis. Yet, the new regulations meant that coffeeshops in the region became closed clubs, admitting only Dutch residents who had to register for a special pass.

The mesure was due to take effect in the rest of the Netherlands at the beginning of 2013. However, the introduction of the pass saw an immediate increase in illegal street dealing and other drug-related problems in the southern province.  As a result, the mayors of many Dutch cities have been urging the government to reconsider so that people will not have to register to buy cannabis.


High Times Ahead With The 25th Cannabis Cup

It's the 25th year that the coffeeshops of Amsterdam have braced themselves for the influx of marijuana-lovers that find their way to the city of green for the High Times Cannabis Cup. Each November since 1987, the Cup has sought to grade the greatest ganja, and recognize the finest genetics bred by the artists of the marijuana industry, the breeders. The High Times Cannabis Cup also offers world-class lineup of live music and comedy, and an expo for the best of the newest marijuana-related products on the market.

Since 1997, High Times have also honored those individuals who epitomize the counter-culture movement; those who stand as hero's for the masses disillusioned with the mainstream. The Counter Culture Hall of Fame includes such individuals as Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong; and in this, it's anniversary year, the honoree is the man who started it all: journalist, cannabis activist and Cannabis Cup founder, Steve Hager.

Hager became the first editor in the world to recognise and publish the work of renowned activist,'emperor of hemp', Jack Herer, in 1984, and also created the 'Freedom Fighters', the first group dedicated to the legalization of hemp. As well as words from Hager, the Cup boasts numerous talks from legendary experts in the cannabis community, including Soma of Soma Seeds, and cultivation masters Swerve and Donny Danko.

Is The City Of Amsterdam Going To Grow Its Own Pot?

LeafThe Dutch green party, GroenLinks, is the big winner in Amsterdam, in the recent local elections. The Greens secured 8 out of 28 seats in the council of Amsterdam-Centrum, the city’s most significant and cosmopolitan borough. Now the GroenLinks delegates are ready to fulfill their election promise, and allow cannabis cultivation in the city of Amsterdam in order to supply the city’s many coffeeshops.

Under the drug policy of the Netherlands, the sale of cannabis in small quantities is allowed by licensed coffeeshops. The coffeeshops (in Dutch written as one word) were introduced in the 1970's, when legislation changed with the explicit purpose of keeping hard and soft drugs separated.

There is an ongoing contradiction concerning the Dutch coffeeshops as they are allowed to sell cannabis over the counter, but not to purchase their own supply. There have been proposals to remedy the situation, for instance, by GroenLinks. They suggested that controlled growing of cannabis should replace imports of ambiguous legal status. It seems that with yesterday’s victory the Greens can finally make it happen for the city of Amsterdam.

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