Three Coffeeshops punished for advertising





Three Amsterdam Coffeeshop owners were given 150,- to 400,- Euro fines for 'advertising'.

The Dutch opium law does not allow advertising for 'drugs' (as long as it's not regulated). Earlier reports showed prosecutor Frits Posthumus demanded repercussions for 5 Coffeeshops. However only three of them were fined (according to the Dutch Parool).

Outcome of the judges' decision was, (about as vague as 10 years ago) that they are allowed to advertise in a way. Just not in combination of any contact information, they allowed to show/ display them in their establishment, nor are they allowed to distribute/ give them away.. Main motivation behind this outcome was that Coffeeshops- and their business are illegal.




Results of the Dutch Drug Policy




In the Netherlands 9.5% of young adults (aged 15–34) use soft drugs once a month. Similar are the findings for the youth in Finland (8%), Norway (9.6%), and Latvia (9,7%), while the percentage increases in the case of Germany (11,9%), Denmark (13,3%), UK (13.8%), Slovakia (14,7%), and France (16,7%). Soft drug use is the most common in Italy (20,9%), Czech Republic (19,3%) and Spain (18.8%), and the least in Poland (5,3%), Sweden (4,8%), Bulgaria (4,4%) and Greece (3,2%).[1]

For 15-24 year olds, the monthly prevalence of drugs other than cannabis in the Netherlands was 4% in 2004, just above the average (3%) of the EU15 countries. However, it seems that few tend to become problematic drug users (0.30%) in comparison to the EU15 average (0.52%).[2]

Drug-related death rates for the entire population in the Netherlands are the lowest in the EU;  Poland, France, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic share similar trends.[3] The Dutch government can support approximately 90% of help-seeking addicts with detoxification programs. The demand for treatment is increasing.[4]

Official investigations into organized crime involve drugs in most cases (72%). Hard drugs prevail, but the trafficking of soft drug cases is increasing and currently accounts for 69% of criminal investigations.[5]

Dealing, production, import and export are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, even if the quantities involved remain within the legal boundaries. Exactly how coffeeshops get their supplies is rarely investigated, however.

The average concentration of THC in the cannabis sold in coffeeshops has increased from 9% in 1998 to 18% in 2005.[6] This means that less plant material is needed to achieve the same effect. One of the reasons is plant breeding and use of greenhouse technology for illegal growing of cannabis in the Netherlands.[7] The former minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner announced in June 2007 that the cultivation of cannabis will continue to be illegal.


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Barney's Breakfast Bar Re-opens





The famous Barney's Breakfast Bar on Haarlemmerstraat re-opened its doors.

After months of restoration, the shop has been completely restyled. The coffeeshop opens at 7.00AM and it is known for it's breakfast, nice decoration and smoke. So for those loving that old design.. It's out! We know... Time flies people.

Just like his colleagues at the Green House and the Dampkring, Derry from Barney's decided to dump the spacy background of his shop. The result is a somewhat more upscale coffeeshop with simple design and plenty of light.




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