Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag 2015


cannabis liberation day 2015June 14th saw cannabis lovers of all shapes and sizes celebrating the 7th edition of Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam.

"It is very necessary to provide a counterweight to the increasing pressure on the weed culture in the Netherlands, it's damn repression", says Dutch cannabis grower Doede de Jong during his opening speech.

If there was a prize for diversity in festivals-visitors, the Cannabis Liberation Day would win. There are parents with children, there are young people on their skateboards, there are rasta boys sitting quietly smoking in the grass, there are elderly people. According to the organizer, visitors from all over Europe and even the odd American and Canadian helped joined the festive protest in  Amsterdam's Flevopark.

Although the attendance of this cross-section of society might give the impression that cannabis in Holland is fully emancipated, Dutch policy makers are ignoring recent research which shows that 70% of Dutch citizens want cannabis cultivation to be
regulated or fully legalized.

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