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Coffeeshops in AmsterdamFebruary 2014 - At last! Coffeeshops Amsterdam are back online!

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Dutch Mayors Call For Saner Marijuana Policy

Manifest Joint RegulationFebruary 2014 - "It takes courage to refrain from doing what, to some people, seems logical on the drawing board."

This was the astounding reply of Ivo Opstelten, the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, to the Dutch mayors who stand for the regulation of the cannabis supply chain. The 35 mayors recently joined forces to convince the minister to regulate the cultivation of cannabis needed to supply coffeeshops across the country.

Many involved experts, backed by the Mayors of 35 Dutch towns and cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, argue that the current laws only allow the sale but not the cultivation of marijuana. Dutch coffeeshops, which are allowed to sell hash and weed, cannot buy their stock legally. This encourages organized crime and wastes police time, according to the mayors.
Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, told local press that cannabis cafes had to rely on "murky worlds", and that the current situation in Holland was unsustainable.


FREE THE WEED A column by John Sinclair

A Column by John Sinclair

January 2014 - Highest  greetings from Amsterdam, where people in the cannabis community are  looking on in wonder as the United States takes its first tentative  steps toward legalizing marijuana for use by all thinking persons over  18 years of age.

Like they say in New Orleans, a lotta people  don’t know that marijuana is not actually legal in the Netherlands,  although over-the-counter sales of cannabis has been allowed under what  they call a “gray area” in the law which amounts to a sort of  super-decriminalization policy that not only eliminates arrest but lets  smokers buy and ingest the sacrament in designated coffeeshops without  police interference.

But growing, distribution, wholesale  transfer and delivery are still fully illegal, growers are tracked down  and arrested, distributors are intercepted, delivery remains fully  clandestine, shopowners are prohibited from stocking more than 500 grams  of cannabis products on the premises at any one time, and even the  consumer is limited to purchases of no more than 5 grams per trip.

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