More Coffeeshops Find A New Home In Amsterdam

Speak Easy and The Bulldog coffeeshops in AmsterdamIn addition to the coffeeshops, already listed in our earlier reports, two more cannabis establishments  have found a new home at a different spot in the city.

The Bulldog Lounge on the Spui in Amsterdam center has been renewed as
The Bulldog - Port 26 at Coenhavenweg 26 and is the newest addition to the famous Bulldog coffeeshop empire. Located in the Westport harbour of Amsterdam, you can enjoy a warm summer day on their large patio, with a smoke and a cold drink.

Coffeeshop Speakeasy has also moved from it's former location in Amsterdam's red light district to Eerste Oosterparkstraat 47, on the east side of town.


Cannabis Liberation Day 2016

.cannabis liberation day 2016The eighth edition of the "protestival" Cannabis Liberation Day again drew hundreds of 420 enthusiasts to Flevopark in Amsterdam.

The revelers protested against the 40 year old policy of the tolerance of marijuana in the Netherlands, and called for all-out legalisation. Recent plans by the city of Amsterdam to start local experiments with regulated weed, grown and distributed under the watchful eye of City Hall, were met with healthy skepticism on the festival grounds. Organizer Derrick Bergman: "We are against 'municipality weed'. We are all for regulation, we need more control, more clean weed without pesticides. But not from the goverment"
In the tradition of the annual  Cannabis Liberation Day, the festival included a hemp market , a number of speakers, musical performances and the annual Cannabis Film Festival.

The scent of quality cannabis hovered above the crowd as an abundance of weed and hashish went up in vapor and smoke.


Coffeeshops Re-Open in Amsterdam


3shopsWith too many coffeeshops being closed down as the result of stricter policies aimed at reducing the number of coffeeshops in the city's center, we welcome the news that some establishments have been re-located in Amsterdam rather than shut down.

Coffeeshop Baba has now opened at Barentszstraat
130 and Coffeeshop Funny People has a new location in the north of Amsterdam at t.t Vasumweg 4.

Another notable change is the former Doors coffeeshop, named after the iconic sixties rock band and a fixture at Singel 14 in Amsterdam for decades, which has been renamed and is now called Coffeeshop The Store.

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