First Cannabis Club in Amsterdam

Cannabis Sociial ClubWhile Amsterdam has many coffeeshops, selling weed and hashish, the newly opened Tree of Life is the first non-commercial cannabis club in the city.

Located in Vibrasonica, a beautiful building in the center of Amsterdam,
members of this new Cannabis Social Club can purchase and smoke their organically grown cannabis against reduced prices.


Cannabis Cup returns to Amsterdam

27th Cannabis Cup in AmsterdamAmsterdam Welcomes 27th Annual Cannabis Cup

This year HIGH TIMES magazine will be celebrating its 27th year hosting the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, where every attendee has the opportunity to vote for their favorite strain and companies who host booths at the week-long Expo outdo each other in their attempts to impress judges. It's a party the likes of which few people have seen. And if there is ever a moment when, as an attendee, you just can't possibly smoke one more joint (come on, it's happened to everybody), look around -- you're in AMSTERDAM! Go see the sights (and they are gorgeous). 

November 23 - 27 2014

One Hundred Kilos NO Punishment

Smoke in AmsterdamAn Amsterdam court has ruled that the owner of coffeeshop Superfly in Hoofddorp, with 100 kilos of softdrugs on premises is a punishable offence, however no fine or punishment was imposed.
The Amsterdam District Court has had enough of the splits in the Dutch soft drugs policy: so for coffeeshops with more trading
stock than is permitted by law, penalty will no longer be imposed.
Furthermore the court said this is not a problem for judges, but must be settled in the Hague.
"In line with rulings by other courts, the court deems it a matter for the legislature to regulate this backdoor problem,"says the text of the judgment.

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